Hand craftsmanship and the technique of hand-felting, the love for wool and merino fibre, the importance of transparency from sheep to garment, use of durable and natural materials, garments representing the values of slow fashion and above all; sustainable design of high quality and longevity. Kimberly Olivia A/W 2017 collection was influenced by the versatility of merino wool fibre and its sustainable potential when combined with the handcrafted technique of felting.

Inspired by the relationship between textile and garment, this collection explores creating innovative methods to construct textiles that are then transformed into garments through the use of unconventional construction techniques. The textiles created exemplify how hand-felting can be used to create new textiles; using fabric waste off-cuts produced from non-felted garments within the collection. Other nuno-felting techniques were also used as a way of finishing hems, attaching pockets, forming clean edges, creating gathers and seamless construction.