University of Technology, Australia

Sarah Hawes

Psychotic Tailor

Sarah’s collection “Psychotic Tailor” explores men’s tailoring with a hint of the psychotic- ‘The crazy and insane lunatic meets the classic tailor.’ Inspired by old photographs of her grandfather wearing tailored suits in London during the 1950’s, she decided to learn the art of tailoring. She then used what these skills to disrupt and challenge traditional tailoring techniques. Although her initial inspiration came from mens suiting, disrupting tradition resulted in elements of streetwear coming through in the collection. Sarah was then able to draw from her research of streetwear-acknowledging its growth and significance. With this she discovered fashion could be used as a platform for social activism ‘on the streets’. Using multi-coloured embroidery and weaving it erratically onto her pieces, the designer also incorporates text and lucid imagery to create a sense of lunacy. The majority of the fabric used in ‘Psychotic Tailor’ has been created by Sarah herself, with it either being covered in embroidery or made using second-hand shirting patch-worked together. Shoes worn with the collection have been hand-painted, with the platform styles crafted from layered thongs. Each has then been coated in liquid rubber and painted. All clay bags/brooches were sculpted and made by Sarah from Polymer clay.