Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Rebecca Carrington

The Story of Miss Ruby Ribbon

Rebecca Carrington, The Story of Miss Ruby Ribbon-Manchester Metropolitan University-UK

Rebecca’s collection is a celebration of her deceased pet parrot, Ruby and her childhood. The designer has created a fictional story as the narrative behind her collection-The Story of Miss Ruby Ribbon, through which she tells the tale of a young woman who still enjoys playing with her toys at the age of 21. It’s while playing Miss Ruby Ribbon is transported to another world, where she meets a parrot called Dream, a Dalmatian called Kid, her inner child ‘Miss Lola Child’, and an evil protagonist called ‘Mr Baddie’. Mr Baddie terrorises the residents of Childhood City, where the characters live. Ruby Ribbon discovers she is sent save them all, and in doing so it’s revealed to her Mr Baddie, isn’t so bad after all. To bring her narrative to life, Rebecca uses toy shapes as silhouettes for garments, scaling them up from A3 drawings to create larger versions for pattern pieces. Print, embellishment and dying techniques have been used throughout the collection, with the designer also making masks, fabric key-rings and plush toys to reflect the story inspiring her collection.