Otago Polytechnic, New Zealand

Phoebe Lee

Dream Love Thrive Create

Phoebe’s collection, Dream Love Thrive Create (DLTC) is personal one, epitomising her design philosophy and way of life. Each garment she has created has been designed with its own layers of textile, shape and form of customisation and fabric manipulation.
Taking a maximalist approach with her design aesthetic she’s played with juxtaposing pattern, exploring this through a wide range of colours, shapes, layering and accessories.
Layering has been a key element in her collection to symbolises the amount of love, diversity, creation and uniqueness that an individual holds within themselves. Patches have been feature to form a collage throughout her work, where there are layers of stitching and compositional shapes work captivate the eye, creating a harmonious mood.
Phoebe also developed her own style of nymph-like characters, which have been painted onto vegan leatherette. These have been used to reflect her edgy, cute and quirky aesthetic, while promoting diversity by making the nymphs inclusive of different hair colour, texture and style. The flames featured in the collection represent Phoebe’s burning passion for creation and are rendered purple, pink, green and yellow to represent the emotions of DLTC.