Basadung is a study of a minority ethnic group in Hainan, China - the Li Basadung Tribe – and their search for identity through tattooing their faces with lines in reference to Hoepoo bird, which have stripes on their feathers. While a painful and bloody process, the tattoo allows them to create a unique identity.

Basadung is a ready-to-wear collection with various combinations of textile manipulations that merge the uniqueness of an identity with elements of the future. Laser cutting techniques combined with digital printings and crystals embellishments were used to achieve the textures of the collection. There is a concept of sport meets glam where neoprene, jersey and velvet are used to create this collection.

Each dotted line (representative of the tattoo) reflects an individual’s lifestyle and behaviour. This concept aims to remind individuals who we really are. It is the idea of embracing our identity. After all, our face is the most significant part of an identity. 

Collection sponsored by Swarovski.