Sharn Blackwell

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This iD International Emerging Designer Awards finalist now makes rain-coats out of vintage fabrics.

Mushama & Me, which in Albanian translates to ‘me and my raincoat’ is a clothing brand by designer Sharn Blackwell who’s objective is to transform raincoats from a garment of necessity, into stylish outerwear.

Sharn completed a Bachelor of Fashion Design at Otago Polytechnic in 2008, and in 2009 showcased her graduate collection as a finalist in the iD International Emerging Designer Awards, she remembers feeling honoured to have been selected to show her work.

“It was such an honour being chosen blah blah…

After graduating Sharn travelled extensively, before settling in Amsterdam for a number of years, and it was while working as a designer for a plus size clothing brand she established ‘Mushama & Me in 2012.”

“I found that I was getting bored and needed a creative project so started Mushama & Me when I came across a really cool waterproof vintage table cloth? …. How did the Albanian name come about again?”

Sharn found her one-off rain-coats were very well received, and sold many at her local weekend markets.

 After Amsterdam Sharn continued to travel, including to Miami where she met her husband and the two relocated to New Zealand where they now live with their two young children in where?

Since returning to New Zealand ?? how many years ago, Sharn has continued to work in the fashion industry and most recently worked as a designer for a company called October Rain, who have a retail outlet which stocks their own label as well as other NZ brands.

Despite taking time out to raise a family Sharn continues to work on Mushama & Me, and has added children’s wear to her line, as well as continuing to make quirky one-of-a-kind raincoats.

On reflection Sharn looks back at her time as a finalist in the emerging designer awards and believes her involvement gave her a huge confidence boost.

“It really did give me the boost I needed to succeed blah blah




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