Bijou, defined as something small and delicately worked, is an online slow fashion studio. It aims to educate, communicate, and validate on the culture of slow fashion as well as support and promote designer-makers that align with this ethos. We achieve this through the collation of ideas and knowledge, by showcasing local practitioners, and through operating an online retail store that sells and tells the stories of designers within our community.

Bijou Studio launches its own independent label at iD Fashion Week with CICATRICE 2017. This capsule collection tells the story of healing through a narrative of slowing down life to allow for recovery. It features illustrations from

Canadian illustrator, Lila Stansberry, which portray the curative properties of plants. Styled with natural accessories by local florist Ayla Hawkins of Twigs N Twine with music from Finn Petrie, CICATRICE seeks to reconcile the restorative aspects of nature with a reduction in speed to allow for healing, growth, and corporeal acquiescence.


Email: info@bijoustudio.co.nz
Website: www.bijoustudio.co.nz