RMIT, Australia

Anna Petry

Maybe Now I’ll Get Invited to All The Pool Parties

Anna Petry’s collection ‘Maybe Now I’ll Get Invited to All the Pool Parties’ delves into the world of her 10-year-old self.

Inspired by the relationship we have with our homes and the furniture with which we surround ourselves, the collection centres around a narrative of a kid cutting up her mother’s closet, along with the couches and the curtains from the lounge room.  Anna creates a sense of nostalgia, for the kid who just wanted to get invited to all the pool parties. 

This collection plays with refined tailoring as well as hacked and cut off elements, mixing tailored jackets with soft draped curtain pieces. Utilising archetypes such as tracksuit pants, suit jackets and shirts, Anna explores vivid tones and textures of velvet, plastic and wool suiting fabrics.