iD Dunedin Fashion Week 12th - 20th March 2016


iD Dunedin Fashion Show 2016

Featuring international guest Emilia Wickstead and national guest Kate Sylvester, alongside the best of Dunedin, New Zealand and emerging international fashion, the iD Dunedin Fashion Show 2016 is a must-see. Enjoy a glamorous night out to one of the world’s most unique runway shows, on the platform of Dunedin Railway Station.

iD International Emerging Designer Awards 2016

Opening doors into fashion careers from iD Dunedin's runway to catwalks in Milan and New York, the iD International Emerging Designer Awards offers designers from some of the world's most prestigious design schools a platform to showcase their innovative collections. Judged by fashion leaders such as this year’s guests Emilia Wickstead, the iD Awards provide an exciting opportunity for new designers to network, and develop contacts with other international talent, industry leaders, media, and established designers, while gaining invaluable professional experience.